Autokeys, Programming Shortcut Key alternatives

This information is provided as a courtesy and is not warranted or officially supported.  CAPSYS utilizes the Microsoft IE published and recommended mouse click to keyboard mapping routines that utilize a combination of the "ALT + Key" and another keyboard keystroke.  In many cases the standard mapping routines supplied within CAPSYS are sufficient and generally do the job.  However, some customers have expressed interest in looking for a single keyboard stroke alternative rather than the "ALT + Key" combination.  To that end, we have supplied a link to a website that purports to provide alternative keyboard mapping techniques that may work in certain situations.   CAPSYS does not officially support this alternative method, however the feedback we have been provided from the field indicates the alternative method works satisfactorily.   The freeware is called "Auto Hot Key" that allows to map any combo keys to a single key, like the "Enter" key in replacement of the "Alt + G" combination.  More information about the tool can be found at:


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