How to Trim [current date and time] field to display only time in a doc type field

Utility is a versatile QSX that performs a number of useful  functions such as:

Format, Database Insert Record, Split field, Concatenate field, Replace characters, Rename batch, and Load from file . 

One of those functions that is commonly requested is reformatting a system field called current date and time.  Current date and time will place that value into a doc type field.   Now after the field has been populated all the user wants displayed is the current time.   To accomplish this request, we can use UtilityQSX to reformat the field to include only the current time.   The attached XML can be imported into your Utility QSX by right mouse clicking on the CAPSYS Icon on your QSX after you have selected the "configure" option.  A menu option called Import or Export options will appear.  Import the option and see how to tailor the configuration to meet the needs of your process.    

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