Upgraded Barcode Engine, enhancing readability of Scanned Barcodes


Included in version 4.2 of CAPSYS Capture, an upgraded Barcode Engine has been added, enhancing the overall readability of scanned barcodes.  For previous versions, the new software engine can be installed.  As a part of this upgraded version, a change in the Registry and Barcode QSX is required.

Note that the alternate barcode engine may read barcodes, the original barcode engine will not, and this may cause a significant decline in the speed of the actual read.


To use the alternate barcode engine you'll need to set and create the HKLM\Software\CAPSYS\PrevOCR key, if it does not already exist. You will then need to create under that key a new string value of UseAlternateBC and set that value to 1. A value of 0 will tell BarcodeQSX to use the original barcode engine (This will cause systemic speed declines).

The files you will need are attached in the PSOCR.zip.  This file should be put into C:\Program Files\CAPSYS Capture Suite\CAPSYS Capture\QSX\CAPSYSOCR\QuickStrokes.  The PSOCR.dll file can be found in the support folder, but it should be relocated to the QuickStrokes Folder now.  Both files will need to be registered using regsvr32.exe.

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