During Capture batches do not show up after scanning in Existing Batches window

Problem: When scanning batches under the CAPTURE tab are not showing up after scanning is complete under Existing batches. Also under the HOME tab the queues are no longer showing up under the lower half of the queues section.

Solution: What has happened is a situation has happened where the batch xml has been created but is blank in a batch folder on the local station. Steps to resolve issue are below.

1. Log out of Capsys and close IE window.

2. Go to the run command and type in %appdata%

3. Open up the folder CAPSYS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC. and then open up the capsys folder.

4.  You could see a number of folders with a combination of letters, numbers and dashes. example 25ae4dfd-aec4-48d3-8bc5-5ab4f65307a9.batch.

5.  Opening each of these folders you will see a batch.xml, a number of dot number files and GIF images.

6. The batch.xml file is what you should be paying attention to when trying to find the batch that is causing the issue. The batch.xml file size should NEVER be 0 KB. Attached image Batch Contents.png shows what the batch folder contents should look like.

7. When going through these folders any folders with a 0 KB batch.xml should be cut and pasted to somewhere else on the computer. This would be done in the case that you want to create a new batch after the fix and use software import to bring in the image dot number files (the images previously scanned into the system for this batch).

8. The problem batch with the 0 KB batch.xml can also be deleted and the work rescanned after this issue is resolved.

9. Once the problem batch or batches have been deleted or taken out of the Capsys folder. Close window

10. Log back into the Capsys client and you should see any remaining batch and the queues from the HOME page should be displayed again.

11. Even though everything seems back to normal, if you see any of the batches in the CAPTURE tab under existing batches that have a 0 under pages,  I would delete them and rescan the batches.


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