Installing the CAPSYS Capture thin client executable

Issue:  CAPSYS Capture Thin Client needs to be installed.


Resolution: There are several methods of installing Thin Client on workstations. The methods for identifying the CAPSYS Capture Web site address and installation location may be mentioned briefly in this section, but are described in more detail in the next section Identifying the Web Site Address and Installation Directory.

  1. 1.    Provide ASP Web Page using and the web page Client.asp are included as part of the CAPSYS Capture Web installation. These files are located on the web server in the CAPSYS Capture Web Pages install location. The default location of the folder is C:\Inetpub\Capsys. contains the Thin Client installer, ThinClientSetup.exe.
Client.asp is provided as an example of using a cookie to identify the CAPSYS Capture Web site to the Thin Client during installation. While it can be used as-is, Client.asp provides only the minimum code needed to initiate the installation of the Thin Client and may need to be customized by the CAPSYS Capture Administrator.

  1. 2.    Use a Custom Cab File and a Custom Web Page

The provided example page, Client.asp, could be modified as needed. Alternatively, a custom cab file that uses the Setup.ini identification method could be built, using as an example. If a custom web page is created it would need to contain the following code at a minimum:
<OBJECT style='visibility:hidden'
CODEBASE= ',2,0,1340'></OBJECT>
CLSID is the class id of QXCtrl.dll, the CAPSYS Capture Web Client Control, and should not be changed. ',2,0,1340' should show the version of ThinClientSetup.exe that you're using. ThinClientSetup.exe is the installation program found within The version of ThinClientSetup.exe will be slightly different than the sample code shows. ThinClientSetup.exe will show 4.2.1340.0, for example, but should be defined in the web page as 4,2,0,1340. The version of ThinClientSetup.exe can be determined by checking the properties of the file after extracting it from

  1. 3.    Use the Installer

ThinClientSetup.exe can be extracted from and run directly on the client.

Identifying the Web Site Address and Installation Directory
The methods are listed in order of preference. Each following method is used only if either the web site address or the custom installation directory was not assigned by the previous identification method.

  1. 1.    Cookie (s)

ThinClientSetup.exe first looks for a cookie that contains the CAPSYS Capture Web site address. This identification method is used by the included page Client.asp, and can be used only to identify the site address, not to define a custom installation location. The installer will assign the default installation location of [ProgramFilesFolder]\CAPSYS Capture Suite\CAPSYS Capture when using this identification method. A custom installation location could still be defined if one of the following identification methods is used in conjunction with this method.
Cookie Format:
"QXCookie[web site address]/client.asp" (without the brackets or quotes)

  1. 2.    INI File

This identification method can also be used in either a verbose or silent install. If the Registry method did not work then ThinClientSetup.exe will look for the presence of an .ini file in its source location. If Setup.ini is to be included in a cab file, a new cab will need to be created. The new cab will need to contain the files in, plus Setup.ini.
Format of Setup.ini:
WebAddress=URL (for example, WebAddress=http://nameofserver/Quillix)
InstallFolder=Install Location (for example, InstallFolder=C:\Program Files\CAPSYS Capture Suite\CAPSYS Capture)

  1. 3.    Registry

ThinClientSetup.exe then looks at the values for WebURL and ThinClientInstallDirectory at the key HKLM\Software\Prevalent\CAPSYS Capture, on the workstation on which the thin client will be installed. These are REG_SZ values. This method can be used in either a verbose or silent install. If installed on 64-bit Windows you must use the key HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Prevalent\CAPSYS Capture. In addition to looking at these values during installation, at runtime the Thin Client will look at the WebURL registry entry to get the address of the CAPSYS Capture Web site.

  1. Prompt
    In the event that none of the three discovery methods described above were able to obtain the install location and/or the URL, then:
    When installed silently the install location defaults to [ProgramFilesFolder]\CAPSYS Capture Suite\CAPSYS Capture. If the install is verbose the user will be prompted to provide the install location during the install process.
    When installed silently, the user will be prompted to provide the URL the first time the CAPSYS Capture Web Thin Client is run. If the install is verbose the user will be prompted to provide the URL of the CAPSYS Capture Web site during the install process.
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