uploadCaseFile: got error [Server: The size of the request exceeds the limit allowed by the server

Issue: When completing a HTTP Data Transfer, the size of the file exceeds the limit allowed by the local server or desktop computer.

Resolution:  By default, Microsoft SOAP Services, used by CAPSYS Capture for HTTP data transfers, limits the size of a single file transfer to 100kb. In order to provide maximum compatibility, and to support larger files during HTTP File Transfer, the CAPSYS Capture installation program changes a system registry key for the SOAP Services allowing the size limit to be increased to 10mb.  In cases where the size needs to be increased the registry key needs to be accessed and updated.  The registry key can be located in the following directory:


The Registry Key that needs to be updated is:


Highlight the file, right click and select “Modify”.  Input your changes needed select “OK” to save your changes.

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