Remote Release Module not releasing batches/cases

Issue:  The “Remote Release Module” is not releasing and processing all batches being created.

Resolution:   The “Remote Release Module” was designed to automatically release batches in pre-set and timed intervals for processing, removing the need to manually complete the release.  There may be several reasons as to why the module may not be processing the batches, as it relates to the error message “The given key was not present in the dictionary”.  

  1. Check Services, once the program is installed on a PC, the module should be set up to run automatically, if the service was previously shut off, it may need to be restarted.
  2. Is the Website address correct?  During installation the program set a default location, verify this location is correct, if not correct the website and save it in the configuration screen.  You may also need to verify that the user id being used has security rights to the website.
  3. Is the Path to pickup and process the batches correct? Verify that the batches being created are being written to the directory being used within the module, correct the path as needed, also verify that the user id has security rights to this directory as well.
  4. Are you using a unique user id and password?  You need to be using an id that is not the same as the one you are using on the client.  Id’s cannot be used multiple times within the application.
  5. Does the user have rights to the batch or document type being processed?  If the unique id has been created and security rights are correct, check the access rights to the batch or document types within the Server Manager.  If rights to batch and document types are not created the release module will not process these particular batches.
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