Slow indexing when going from document to document in batches where there are many documents.

DESCRIPTION: Problem is seen when going from document to document during indexing. It doesn't matter if using the Alt-G shortcut or clicking on the tree view to go to the next document. Wait times for this problem were upwards of 17-20 seconds going from document to document.Wait times increased the more documents were in the batch, for example 100 documents, 1 page per document.

INSTALLATION: This fix will need to be implemented on the Server and users will need to be out of the system. Capsys services need to be stopped. The IndexEx.htm and Resource.js can be found in the following directory; C:\inetpub\CAPSYS. It is recommended that you rename the current files and then put these files in place. Once done a IISreset will need to be done. Start the Capsys Services.  Client Browser refresh may be required. 

NOTE: This fix will only work for Capsys Version 4.2.1. This fix is included in Capsys Version 4.3.1.

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